13Th Witness Taking A Photograph 13Th Witness Mask


13th Witness

13th Witness brings the world into focus. The crisp angles of buildings, a man sleeping on the subway, the neon glow of a diner—regardless of their subjects, 13th’s images command attention. With a fresh perspective and an eye for composition and light, he creates art where others have yet to see it. While 13th Witness can often be found shooting the streets of Brooklyn, he’s also at home roaming the globe, creating photos and videos for heavy hitters like Drake, Kanye West, the Knicks, Cypress Hill, John Mayer, Nike, and Jordan. In addition to a stacked client list, his vast reach on Instagram is a testament to the strength of his work. With the perfect blend of talent, hustle, and grit, 13th Witness reminds us to open our eyes and embrace our surroundings.