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Adventure Spring 2017 Collection

Inaugural Adventure collection offers socks engineered specifically for outdoor enthusiasts.

SAN CLEMENTE, CA - Just in time for warmer weather, Stance delivers its newest performance category, Adventure, for both men and women. Consisting of a diverse array of styles created for all outdoor enthusiasts, Stance's Adventure collection offers superior performance matched with boundary-pushing designs for your walk, hike, or other adrenaline-driven activity of choice.

"We spent two years ideating, testing, and developing a superior collection of what we call Adventure socks," says Java Fernandez, Category Director of Snow and Adventure at Stance. "We took a scientific approach led by the world's most elite sock makers, which ultimately steered us to three different sock constructions that serve the needs of damn near every outdoor enthusiast--depending on how far they want to go. They keep your feet dry and comfy, and will last longer than you will. Not to mention, they look and fit unlike anything else out there."

The Adventure collection is comprised of three varieties of materialization--the Outdoor, the Hike, and the Trek--each for a different level of intensity. The Outdoor is the sock for the everyday adventurer, twisted with merino wool and poly-cotton performance fibers, allowing for more durability, improved breathability, and exceptional moisture management. Engineered with a reinforced toe and heel cushion and mesh ventilation, the socks provide maximum comfort that combats foot fatigue and overheating. The Hike leverages the same blend of materials as the Outdoor, but incorporates an additional twist of nylon for added durability. The Trek collection is where the Adventure category peaks. Knit using our Deathless Thread, which is composed of highly durable fibers most commonly found in butcher gloves and sailing rope, the Trek styles feature unmatched stamina and tear resistance. With an anatomically engineered arch that holds everything in place, the Trek collection is the go to for the extremist who is not exactly sure when they will be back.

Technology isn’t the only thing these socks have to offer. True to Stance's ethos, the Adventure collection brings a fresh aesthetic to the category through its vibrant colors and eye-catching designs. The men’s line brings together native patterns, graduated striping, and stars and stripes, mixed with grey tonal color palettes and hints of warm orange and red details. The women’s collection plays muted pastels and rich blues against a cool, grey base.

Retailing for $20-$28, the Adventure collection will be available on, as well as outdoor and fitness retailers worldwide.





Embracing “The Uncommon Thread” as its mantra, Stance has turned one of the world’s most boring accessories into its most exciting in less than five years. Stance’s founders saw a category that had been ignored, taken for granted, looked over, dismissed. By breathing life into something that had been overlooked, Stance ignited a movement of art and self-expression that has drawn athletes, performers and iconic cultural influencers to the brand – a group they call the Punks & Poets. And by underpinning its creative roots with a relentless focus on technical innovation, Stance is now found in over 40 countries on the feet of those who dare to be different. To learn more about Stance, visit the About page.


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