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Stance Introduces FEEL360

FEEL360 is a proprietary technology that revolutionizes sock performance, durability, and comfort.

SAN CLEMENTE, CA - For seven years, Stance's pursuit of bringing art to socks has relentlessly tested the boundaries of sock design and development. This approach has driven the textile brand to use uncommon materials, invent new knit and printing techniques, and do things that no textile brand has ever done before. While Stance's emphasis on design has helped elevate socks to a statement piece within fashion, the brand's commitment to innovation has made Stance a noted piece of performance equipment. Stance was named the first official sock of the NBA and Major League Baseball, and continuously earns recognition from leading running and training magazines. Stance has become known for making a sock that performs as good as it looks.

"Even though we did a thing no one had ever tried and we made a technically sound sock that was incredibly comfortable, we still felt there were more boundaries to push and problems to solve, in terms of addressing the biggest pain points for consumers when it comes to socks, namely odor management, temperature and moisture control, and durability."

Today, after years in development and testing, Stance announced the culmination of those efforts with the introduction of FEEL360 Technology, a proprietary fiber treatment that enables socks to adapt and react to the environment around the foot, and keep it fresh and dry. It also boosts the sock's durability.


FEEL360 Technology includes multiple properties, including silver ions, that reduce 99.%% of odor-causing bacteria. Socks with FEEL360 will stay fresher much longer, because bacteria is continuously neutralized.


The thermoregulation properties of FEEL360 enable the sock to "think on your feet." By cooling the foot down whenit gets too warm, or warming it up when it's too cold, FEEL360 acts as a thermostat to keep the foot at a comfortable temperature, as well as accelerates the socks' ability to wick away moisture.


Stance has always used premium cotton yarns and twisted them to create an exceptionally durable knit. FEEL360 takes durability to an even higher level by sealing those yarns and shielding them from natural wear and tear. By making socks even more resilient with FEEL360, they will not only feel better for much longer, they will look better too.

"The addition of FEEL360 sets a new standard in terms of performance, but it also redefines the long-term comfort of our socks. If there's one piece of customer feedback we hear over and over, it's that people did not know how comfortable socks could be until they tried on a pair of Stance. We wanted to introduce them to an even higher level of comfort. FEEL360 isn't an innovation that customers will necessarily see at first, but they will feel the difference, and as time goes on, they will begin to actually see it as well, as they notice how much more durable and better looking the socks are with FEEL360 in the long term."

FEEL360 technology can be found in designated lines in all of Stance's performance categories. For more information on Stance and FEEL360, visit and follow @stancesocks on Instagram.

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