Owned and operated in Los Angeles, Modernica has made a bold mark on the world of design for its quality materials, timeless designs, and masterful craftsmanship that radiate style and sophistication. In addition to revitalizing the almost-lost art of high pressure fiberglass molding, Modernica continues to elevate furniture artistry through a wide variety of custom designs that reflect your unique style and personality.

Stance was proud to join Modernica in presenting a new collection of 50 limited edition Case Study Arm Shell rocker chairs. Each chair was built with Modernica’s raw materials and takes cues from Stance’s appetite for originality, which include hand-painted blue stripes on every rocker leg and the brand’s iconic logo placed on the back of the chair in a raw gunmetal finish. Each chair was hand-placed Stance blue yarn laid on the front of the chair, giving each piece a unique look. Every chair came with a limited edition 200-needle Stance sock, highlighting Modernica’s original blue prints of the Case Study Arm Shell rocker. Rounding out the design, the socks included a screen printed reclaimed wood design at the toe bed of the sock, paying homage to Stance’s headquarters in San Clemente, CA

Stance welcomes brand collaborations with like-minded visionaries who share our same passion for quality, creativity, and authenticity. The aim within these partnerships is to deliver a unique storytelling experience through positive brand synergy for our shared consumer base. Highlighted below is a curation of previous Stance partnerships that we consider to be among our best. Welcome to The Reserve.

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Carhartt WIP

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J Dilla

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A Tribe Called Quest

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Neighborhood Japan

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