Web Components

These guidelines pertain almost exclusively to the way we present text in our various content modules on stance.com.


Use title case, unless the heading is a punctuated sentence. If the heading is a punctuated sentence, use sentence case. Try to limit the use of punctuated sentences as titles.


The subheading is the short line of text above the heading on a banner, which denotes the collection or product the banner is promoting. While the CSS presents this text in all capitals, it should be written in the HTML in title case.

Subheading text should match the top navigation of the site, which does not use apostrophes to denote possession.

  • Yes: Womens Reserve

  • No: Women’s Reserve

  • Yes: Boys Underwear

  • No: Boys' Underwear


Captions are one or two sentences of text found under the heading on a hero banner. Use sentence case for captions regardless of end punctuation. When discussing a collection, capitalize it.

The rule regarding possessive apostrophes does not apply to caption or any other paragraph text. In these cases, follow the normal rule to denote possession.

  • Yes: The Fusion Golf Collection falls within our Men’s Fusion Athletic Collection.

  • No: … within our Mens Fusion Athletic Collection

Tile Text

The call to action below each landing page tile should be written in the same way as subheading text.


Button text should always be written in title case and contain a call to action. Avoid using an ampersand in button copy, unless the copy contains a proper noun or branded phrase that features an ampersand. Ex: “Punks & Poets.”

As with headings, omit possessive apostrophes in Mens, Womens, Boys, etc. in button text, to match the usage in the top nav on the website.

  • Yes: Shop Womens Snow

  • No: Shop Women’s Snow

Common website buttons include:

  • Shop All

  • Shop Men

  • Shop the Collection

  • Shop Womens Snow (this is rare, as the category and/or collection is usually denoted in subheading text.)

When the category is not denoted in the button, do not add an “s” at the end of Men or Women. Instead, write:

  • Shop Men

  • Shop Women

  • Shop Kids

Alt Text

Alt text is a way to label images, and it’s especially important for people who can’t see the images on our website. Alt text should describe the image in a brief sentence or two.